2020-2023: BA (Hons) Painting, Open College of the Arts (distance learning programme) at University for the Creative Arts, UK.

2017-2018: Art teacher, class 5-10, University College of South- Eastern Norway, Notodden,NO.

2012-2014: 3rd year Bachelor Pre-school teacher, Queen Maud University College, Trondheim,NO.

2011-2012: 2nd year Bachelor Pre-school teacher, University of Tromsø,NO.

2010-2011: 1st year Bachelor Pre-school teacher, University of Tromsø,NO.

2009-2010: Psychology, University of Tromsø,NO.

2007-2008: Interior design, Høyskolen Kristiania, Oslo,NO.

2004-2007: Hønefoss videregående skole, artistic high school,NO.



2020: How to paint fluid art at the Fluid Art Academy w/ Emma Lindstrom.

2003: Original Byzantine icon technique w/ Danilo Ivanovic.

2003: Composition with a swedish visual artist.

2002: Aquarell w/ Geir Kleppan.

2001: Drawing w/ Børge Brekke.

2001: American oil painting technique w/ Gunn Ross.

Solo exhibitions:

14.08 - 05.09.2021: Galleri F48, Frogner, Oslo, NO.

11.06 - 20.06.2021: Det Øde Galleri og Skaperi, Hole, NO.

01.05 -18.05.2021: Østerlie Kunst og Farve, Trondheim, NO.

15.08 - 06.09.2020: Galleri F48, Frogner, Oslo, NO.


Group Exhibitions:

12.07.2020: Kunst Blindtarmen rundt, Kragerø, NO.

2019: TIA, Trevisan International Art, 'Little Treasures': "The Illusion of Reality" at Galleria De Marchi, Bologna, IT.

2019: AKRON Gallery, Trondheim, NO.

2010: Alternative Fair, Tromsø,NO.

21.06.2010: Art Fusion with the artists Susann Brox Nilsen, Laurent Fauconnier and Terje Olsen, Tromsø,NO.

2007: “Uten en tråd”/”Without a thread”, final show from artistic high school, Fengselet, Hønefoss,NO.

2006: Gallery Grassi, Kragerø,NO.

2005: Gallery Ramfjord, Oslo,NO.

2004: Attending Ungdommens kulturmønstring (UKM), a cultural festival for youth,NO.

2003: Attending Ungdommens kulturmønstring (UKM), a cultural festival for youth,NO.

2003: Hole kirke/ Hole church, Hole,NO.

2002: Attending Ungdommens kulturmønstring (UKM), a cultural festival for youth,NO.



2007: Member of the jury at Ungdommens kulturmønstring (UKM), Hole and Ringerike area,NO.

2006: Member of the jury at Ungdommens kulturmønstring (UKM), Hole,NO.


2021: Presented in the art book, Nordic Art Guide 21/22, published by Gina Cinnamoni Art & Words AB.

2019: Presented in the catalogue/book for the exhibition The Illusion of Reality - mostra internazionale d'arte, to the exhibition at Galleria De Marchi, Bologna, IT.

2011: Presented in the art book,International Contemporary Artists Volume III, published by I.C.A Publishing, New York,US and Athens,GR.



2019-present: Art teacher at Arttik Trondheim, NO.

2010-present: Owner at Galleri Kiær Kristine Tangen, Org. nr: 995 154 145

2012-present: Substitute art teacher in fine arts at Trondheim kommunale kulturskole, Trondheim,NO.

2019-2020: Art mediator and art educator at Kunsthall Trondheim, Trondheim,NO.

2018: Pre-school teacher at Ranheim Barnehager, Trondheim, NO.

2018: Art teacher at Ranheim skole, Trondheim, NO.

2015-2016: Pre-school teacher at Svalsberget Barnehager, Trondheim, NO.

2014-2015: Pre-school teacher at Øvre Jakobsli Barnehager, Trondheim, NO.

2005-2007: Freelance journalist at Ringerikes Blad, Hønefoss, NO.


2001-2007: Member of the painting club, “Holemalerne”, Hole, NO.

All rights © Thea Kiær

Trondheim, Norway 

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