Thea Kristine Tangen Kiær is a visual artist from Norway, born in England 1988. She has made drawings and paintings since she was a little girl.

Thea is mainly making oil paintings, but she is also into making icons, drawing portraits, taking photographs and working with printmaking and digital art.

Her paintings are both figurative and abstract, with strong and intense colors and harmonical expressions. Her figurative paintings have a touch of a rustique and fragile expression. With her paintings she tries to visualize her inner feelings.

Thea is an interior designer by education and is very interested in working with placing art into the interior. She has also earned a Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education and Care from Queen Maud University College in Trondheim, Norway. Today she is working as a pre-school teacher and as a substitute art teacher in Trondheim, Norway. Besides being a visual artist, Thea is working with children and creativity.

Despite her young age, she has managed to have several exhibitions and received big recognition for her art. In August 2011 Thea was accepted for inclusion in the international art book “International Contemporary Artists Vol III”, published in New York and Athens by ICA Publishing November 2nd 2011.